Saturday, December 9, 2023


 September 16, 2023

Mist filled the air on drive to the mountain.  We were hoping it would be that way when we reached the trailhead.  Weren't so lucky though as once we reached elevation it cleared and it was sunny at the parking lot.  For me the hike was a struggle.  Last year it would have not been a problem but this year I'm not in great shape due to family issues.  It was hot and I was over heating during hike.  Once we crested the mountain I needed to get near the water and start fishing.  At minimum dunk myself to cool off.    Over a month ago Chul fished the creek and it was coming back looking like it's former glory.  It was definitely on the up.  Now having returned the creek is unrecognizable from that day.  Changed completely.  The large fish that he was catching in what seemed like every hole are now gone.  Our only conclusion is the summer monsoon swept the fish downstream.  We'd fish upstream looking for any signs of those fish a month ago until I was walking along the banks the ground beneath me collapsed.  I fell about feet into a knee height pool with a bowling ball sized boulder coming along with me.  The boulder hit my shin.  Unluckily much of the impact was dispersed when it hit the water.  Nonetheless it hurt like hell.  I was still in somewhat of shock and couldn't compute the damage it may have caused.  After rolling the boulder off me I got up and stood in the cold water trying to process what just happened.  Did I just break my leg?  At this point I had no clue.  I just held my shin under the mini waterfall from the plunge pool.  After the initial shock wore off I hobbled off the creek and onto the bank.  I called and gestured to my buddy who was 100 or so yards away.  I limped over to a fallen log to assess the damage.   Swelling had already occurred and I probed the area to see if it might be broken.  When my buddy came over he asked if I broke my shin.  I didn't think so.  I sat there just trying to gather myself.  Got out my first aid kit from my backpack.  After testing the leg it seemed ok.  I bandage it up with a wrap took some 5 year old expired ibuprofen in the kit and continue hike and fish.  I wasn't about to be skunked for the day and got  up to hike the way up where we knew would hold fish.  While boulder hopping I fell again ripping my pants in the process.  When we reached our destination we were finally able to get onto some fish.  Afterwards seeing how dismal the place had become in such a short period we hiked out of there.  I didn't have any issues with the shin other than bruising and swelling. 


  1. "Last year it would have not been a problem but this year I'm not in great shape due to family issues"

    Me too, except it's my own health, starting with a surgery in October 2022, and another in August. Haven't really recovered, although I should have.

    Maybe you never really do.

    Anyhow, was walking out of the high country at a pretty good clip as a rainstorm came rolling in. Lost my footing on a rock, fell, rolled over, and cut myself pretty bad. Just me and the dog. No cell reception, and I've given up carrying my gmrs radio as there's nobody to call if I'm hunting alone.

    Rolled over, wasn't damaged and hiked out bleeding. It hasn't been a great year.

    Glad you were okay.

    1. Thanks for your concerns. Ditto. Glad you made it out okay. I hope your 2024 is with better health. Have you looked into getting a ham radio/license? I think it maybe a better option even if you have no one to call. A lot of people monitor repeaters just to listen in or for situation where they can help out. Just a thought.