Thursday, December 28, 2023

Part One: Snowbow Chasing

December 21, 2023

Rain was forecasted in the Southland but the eastside was supposedly spared.  On the drive up clouds would have us question that forecast and had us worried.  There would be some sprinklings here and there but nothing serious.  Over the 395 a rainbow would award us for our early drive but no pot of gold was at the end of it.  We had breakfast burritos at Mercado Mexico and after getting some sandwiches at the bakery we were off up the mountain.
Windy and cold from the start at 10:30am and it only got worse. Managed several resident fish ranging from dink to respectable but none worthy of a photo. At 2pm I finally managed to hook my first laker. With the winds now howling I had to keep my rod tip low to avoid the line being dragged and when I set the hook I set it low and to the side. Instinctively while fighting it I then raised the rod tip high and after a brief battle the hook came off. Had I fought the fish at a low angle I likely would have not lost the fish. By changing the angle I likely rotated the hook and it's a matter of time with the right head shake it will pop off. After that I went back to the truck where my buddy was having lunch. After sitting in the cab we decided it didn't make sense to continue fishing here as winds were predicted to get worse with top speeds up to 20mph. Moved to Hot Creek to hide from the winds. First fished the canyon section.
I recently acquired a try new 6wt Recon and I wanted to test fire it.  I had prerigged it before we left with a fast sinking line and a Nancy P streamer. Too lazy to switch the set up I fished it anyways. Water was low and so I was using wrong line.  I had to pick and choose my shots. I would have to cast in between the weed lines and strip fast to prevent the line from sinking in the garbage. In time I switched to a Boogeyman and had one flash at it.  Flared its gills gave a brief chase and then let up. With about an hour of light left we left for the interpretive center.  Fish were rising. I was too lazy to rig a dry fly rod up and with little light anyways I decided to stay with the streamer set up. Blanked here while the fishing partner was able to get a few on emergers.

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