Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Booty Fabbed Aging Rack

Prior to the season, Lou and I had the intention of making a very nice aging rack for our birds.  We picked up the material, cut it to shape for the most part but due to life in general we ran out of time to build it.  All the pieces are lying in a corner in Lou's shop. The rough cuts are made but the assembly and finishing work still needs to be done.  Since I had limited out on ducks last weekend I needed something to hang my birds, so I grabbed a bunch of left over wood and crudely made an aging rack for this year until I could finish our "presentation" piece.  It's ugly and an embarrassment to any proper woodworker but it works for now.


  1. Do you have specs/designs for your dry aging box? How long do you age your birds? I have been tempted for years but have not made the move, live in a hot an humid climate so I have not made a tried it.

    Great blog by the way!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Carlton. I age my ducks usually 7 days. I still have three birds on the rack and its been past two weeks now. I have know a few European hunters that have aged their birds to the point of falling apart. That's a bit extreme for me. I have read that ducks plateau at 14 days. I live in SoCal so like you I don't really have a winter either so I keep my birds in the fridge. The specs really are based on your own fridge dimensions but I did make this one at about a height of 19 inches which required me to remove two shelves for the time being. The presentation piece I believe will be shorter.