Saturday, May 11, 2013

Last Minute

I just got home from the bay with Chul.  It was a last minute thing since he bailed out for this morning's plan to fish Perris Lake.  I came back home heartbroken since I just read a report from a local forum from one guy slayed them on topwater.  He had 20 blow ups and 15-16 largemouth to hand this morning even though it was completely sunny. 
Despite a decent tidal predictions, tides didn't start moving significantly until the last 30 minutes of daylight.  Chul got the skunk with his new Winston Boron 6wt rod.  I managed a 1.75 pound spottie and lost another on the last few minutes of sunlight on an injured baitfish fly.  Fishing was just about to pick up but since the pram has no running lights we couldn't stay to continue fishing.  Rough day mad more painful after reading that forum post. Well that figures.  At least dinner good at Pho Ba Co.

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