Sunday, May 19, 2013

Not My Day-Perris Lake

Saturday 5/18/13

Not my day.  Actually not my week.  I got a virus on my laptop, my new laptop.  I'm writing this report on my old laptop that is from the telegraph era.  I was sick the night before.  I was owed some good karma.  well that didn't happen.  The original plan to fish Prado was scraped when we arrived at the gate at 6am to see that they did not open until 7:30.  So we decided to drive the 40 minutes to Perris instead.  Don't get me wrong I'd rather fish Perros than Prado anyday but since I did not intend on fishing it, I was not quite prepared.  Also when we arrived and started making our way to the fishing area the battery on the fish finder died.  Great, no fishing finder and I left the coutour map of Perris at home.  We were going to have to do this the old school way.  Not to mention the trolling motor is now on its last leg and since we intended to fish Prado Chul didn't even bother recharging the battery since our last outing.  Winds were picking up too.  We were moving at a snail's pace.  I missed every single bass today whether it was top water or subsurface.  Every single one.  At least eight or more.  It was ridulous.  Chul managed three to hand all on topwater and lost a handful.  I came home wreaking of the skunk.  It's actual not my week.

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