Saturday, May 11, 2013

First Look: The Gourmet Salamander Fly

The prototype Salamander fly
After reading hundreds of reports from gear guys catching bass on salamanders, for the longest time I've been trying unsuccessfully to create a fly that imitates these creatures.  I've never even come close.  It was not until I started buying Fish Skull sculpin heads did I realize my dreams may have been answered.  I made a few quick drawings one day away in the journal and later when I had time went to the vice to see if theory can become reality.  I'm still experimenting with the body and possibly the legs but this is what I came up with.  I had planned to try them today at Perris Lake but apparently my fishing buddy's vagina hurt and canceled on me last night.  I know you're reading this, did you really expect no ribbing from me?  I'll have to wait to see if these flies are a go or no go.  We'll see, hopefully next week.
I'm trying various body material-one with craft fur, another with chenille and McFly Foam
What really sucks is that I didn't figure this fly out during the spawn where ideally I'd be throwing these at bedding bass protecting their nests.  I'll have to wait for next year for that.  Also in the works is an articulated version.  If you leave the tail out it becomes a swimming frog pattern.


  1. Those look awesome. I needed to figure out how to get some

  2. So what ever came of the salamanders? I use lizards/salamanders with spinning gear on spawn beds and it works like a charm. But I’d rather do it on a fly rod. Curious to see your outcome.