Thursday, February 28, 2013


With the increase of daylight nowadays, Chul and I want to take advantage of it and hit a local mountain after work.  Loaded with our lightweight rods we fished a piece of water that last year produced some really nice fish.  The plan was to fish a huge pool that we have yet to fish as this piece of water is dominated by swimmers and cliff divers during the hot months.  It took us some time but we finally made it to our destination.  The area looked like a shithole.  Broken beer bottles and trash everywhere as well as new graffiti on the boulders.  What a dump.  Its a shame that SoCal is loaded with idiots that have no respect for our wild natural environment.  The pool proved a bust.  So we moved on.  The fishing was poor and we only managed a handful of fish none of any really good size.  What a disappointment.  Afterwards, craving a burger we looked in vain for a decent burger joint other than In-N-Out.  Although we found a burger stand it was not at all what I wanted.  The patty was obviously a typical frozen Sysco patty and clearly not what I wanted.  Disappointing all around.  Should have stayed home tying flies for our upcoming trip.

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