Thursday, February 7, 2013

First Cast Of The Year - Nada For Me

I got an invite from Chul to fish MVL this afternoon.  With our plans to fish the Kern this weekend in jeopardy, I wanted to get out and wet the fly line.  The lake had stocked trout on Tuesday so we expected the Bass might be targeting them.   I started with my Sage RPLXi 9 weight with a 350 grain  line and various flies managing a few short subtle strikes but no hook ups.  We fished for a few hours and Chul managed an average sized largemouth and a dink.  I switched to my favorite 5 weight after Chul went to his 6 weight and started catching his fish.  I thought I might end the day without even a pull until I had a vicious strike and once I set the hook a 4 pound trout leaped twice in the air.  I've mocked Chul all last year for fishing for these stockers and he has always been adamant about these fish being quality and not the typical stockers so common from our DFW hatcheries.  I've been skeptical until now.  That fish I hooked up struck hard, fought hard and bull dogged me the whole time.  I lost him at the boat unfortunately but I can say I was impressed.  That basically ended our day as the boat was due in at the marina.  No fish yet as of 2013.  Hopefully if tomorrow's rains are not out of control, I'll be getting my first fish of the year, a REAL fish, this weekend.

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