Sunday, August 26, 2012

C&F Design XXL SW Fly Case

Last summer, prior to with my parents' planned trip to Japan, I asked them if they could pick me up the C&F Design XX-Large SW Fly case.  Unfortunately that trip was cancelled due to the devastating tsunami that crippled the nation.  After a year or so, I had long since forgotten about that request I made to my folks and had purchased the Cliff's Bugger Beast as an alternative.  Yesterday after picking up my folks from the airport they had a little surprise for me.  While I had forgotten about the request, apparently my parents did not and had my new C&F box waiting for me.  It must have been my reward for having to put up and navigating through the incredibly poorly designed layout of LAX.  I hate driving into that shithole.
The C&F Design XXL SW Fly box, like many other of their products, is not imported stateside (at least not as of this post).  So I was excited to see it when they pulled it out of their luggage.  It is similar in size to the Cliff's, but slightly taller in height (but does not translate to more interior real estate) and shorter in length and thinner in profile.  The locking system is done via tabs while the bugger beast uses a sliding closures.  I prefer the cliff's in that regard.  While the paperwork says made in Japan, the plastic case is actually made in Canada.  Lips on the C&F close much flusher than the Cliff's.  Another one of most noticeable difference between the two is the foam.  C&F is much better, slots are cut cleanly whereas the Beast need to be re-cut at places.  Also the row of slots are clearly identified by the four strategically placed holes marking each row.  Whereas, when new, the slots are hard to distinguish on the Beast and as already mentioned, are not always cut deep enough to slide a hook in easily without having to re-cut it.
With the conversion rate favoring the yen, at ¥5775 (roughly $73US), it is no wonder this product does not get imported here.  It clearly is no bargain.  Nevertheless I'm glad it is now in my arsenal, you can never have enough fly fishing Tupperware.  My intention now is to use the Beast for my big bass flies (after all I drew a damn largemouth on it) and the C&F for bluewater flies for Calicos, tuna and such.


  1. Nice! I've been looking to replace my Cliffs Beasts and am interested in Montana Fishing Co.s Boat Box - looks like the C&F could be a contender too.

  2. Tough choices. One thing the Montana Boat box has on the other options is that it is waterproof (at least thats what they say). One bad thing is that it's foam is clearly a blatant rip-off of the C&F foam. I guess the patent on it has expired as it seems alot of chinese made boxes are now using that design. I have no idea where the Montana is made. Hopefully its made in the first world. While these two are not completely waterproof, Cliff's does have a waterproof version if that is a concern. For me, I really don't think that is a big issue. When I do use these boxes, they are boat boxes and will be stowed away out of the elements. On thing to consider, I think if your going to load the box with big flies with big thick hooks like Aki Owners or TMC 600SP/800/811 or similar style saltwater hooks, I'd go with the C&F. The foam is much better and it is designed for the thicker hooks. If you're loading it with normal hooks go with anyone that catches your fancy.