Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Spanish Best

For more that a decade my copy of Spanish Best by Terry Weiland has sat in my gun library unread collecting dust.  This weekend I decided to actually open the book and finish it.  I have no idea why it has taken me so long to read this book.  Perhaps its because I always  subconsciously thought that Spanish doubles were somehow a "lesser" gun.  Maybe that is too harsh. I have long realized that Spanish guns are nice and an excellent value for the money but always in the back of my mind I always considered them reproductions rather than the real deal.  After reading Weiland's book, I have realized that may not be a fair assessment.  The book is an excellent off season read that gave me some insight on Spanish guns and the industry.  It takes a good look at the history of Spain and how it influenced it's firearm industry as well as how English influences in banking and royalty contributed to the adoption of the English ideal of the shotgun.  Also  researched is the possible origins of poor reputation and apprehension among American shooters toward Spanish guns.  What I really enjoyed about this book is not only does Terry describe Eiber gun making trade but the actual town itself and it cultural and culinary experiences.  All in all I enjoyed this book and worthy a place in any fine gun library.

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