Thursday, August 2, 2012

MVL is Fishing Well

After a successful morning appointment, I took up Chul's invitation to MVL.  He had fished gear Monday and reported back to me that its on fire.  For most of the afternoon, Chul fished gear and I fished fly.  Almost immediately we were on fish.  In the beginning there was no obvious advantage fishing gear but after about the first hour, as the wind picked up even more, fishing gear was clearly the winner.  With the fly I only managed dink bass, although clearly these juveniles are getting bigger and clearly feeding well, and some respectable bluegills.  I did manage a very nice bluegill that literally felt like a log.  Once it became apparent what I had on the line, I noticed that a 5 pound bass was chasing the panfish the whole way , grabbing and nipping at it.  The bass most have grabbed a hold while I initially fought the fish and that is why it felt so heavy.  Chul managed a very respectable bass off a dock with plastic.

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