Wednesday, January 26, 2011

LP and CBF

I returned to CBF only to find 3 parked cars already there. I decided to move up the mountain to LP. I stopped at the kiosk and I'm glad I did because just past the bend the road was still iced over. The road was in the worst shape I'd ever seen, we even ran into a tractor fixing the road.

We hunted LP for about an hour and then headed back to the Rover. There was still ice and snow on the ground in certain areas. I got winded very quickly in the high elevation. After a quick search we realized the terrain was alittle too much for our out of shape bodies. We headed down toward CBF and the cars were gone. I headed toward the middle to the field and Kaiser quickly went on point. Kaiser held tight and the quail flushed wild. I took the shot a crosser (left to right) 40 yards away. I missed. Continuing toward the middle of the field, we managed to flush one more hold extremely tight.

Dad managed to flush a covey of 20 when we split up. When we met back up we tried to go after those birds but we were unable to find them.

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