Sunday, January 23, 2011

2010 Bird Season Part 1

I have done quite a poor job in updating this sporting journal. I have done even a worse job hunting. Typically I have at least 25 days hunting this year those numbers aren't even close. When hunting I like keeping a journal on how the days hunts came out, recording everything from the number of birds seen, number of points Kaiser had, the number of shots taken, the number of birds taken etc. This year though I have kept a poor record. I know I'll regret this in the coming years.
One thing I did this year is hunt the local waterfowl areas. I now know what its like to "sweatline it" and how the reserve system works. In the Owens Valley I never had to worry about such things. The first hunt I managed was at San Jacinto on Dec.22. This hunt almost never happened. The following evening the rains were coming down so hard I could barely sleep. Ed calls me at 1am and tells me we should call the hunt off. I agreed. At 8am, with the winds and rains calming, Ed calls me and says lets go.
He arrives and picks me up. We leave for San Jacinto arriving around 10am. We manage a blind, if I recall its G2. The weather was off and on with the sun poking out every so often. At the beginning there were several birds moving. Most were junk birds such as spoonies and buffleheads. I shot 6 shots all day and managed no birds.

After a while we decided to give up. Of course when we when we were packing up to head out with our guns empty, a flock of 40 teal buzzed us overhead. We thought it was a fitting end to a pretty miserable day.

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