Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Reel Has Arrived

In just a quick two days, my new Tibor Tailwater Blue Grey Reel has arrived. Since this is the original Tailwater without the constant lube feature I found it on clearance. He had several in the custom colors as well as the stock colors of black and gold. This particular color, blue grey, has since been discontinued and I thought it would be a nice match for my favorite rod, the T&T Helix 5wt saltwater.
The Tibor custom color is only slightly darker than the reel seat.
Its currently loaded with the Airflo 7000 Bass Bug Taper warmwater line. Although the line is a 6wt, so be it. I figure uploading for Bass fishing would not necessarily be a bad thing considering the size of most bass bugs. Typically a warmwater line is not needed here in SoCal, even though it does get hot, we definitely needed one the last time Ed and I hit Barrett Lake. Our lines turned gummy fast and tangles were an ever present problem.
The Blue Grey is a nice match with the blue graphite of the Helix.

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