Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Barrett Shad Fly

I created this fly to represent the threadfin shad that are so abundant in our lakes. These fish have a tall profile that is not usually represented too often in baitfish imitations. I add a overbody to try and give the fly a bigger profile without adding weight or wind resistance.
  • Hook: TMC 8089 Barb grounded off with a dremel tool
  • Head: Cascade Crest Tools CCT Body Fur
  • Gills: Ringneck Neck Feathers Indian. Crow
  • Body: Estaz
  • Overbody: Whiting Black Laced white Hen Saddle
  • Tail: 4 Grizzly Hackle and white bucktail
  • Eyes: 3D stick on eyes
  • Thread: Danville Flat Nylon White
Top view of the fly.

Start by tying white bucktail.
Flare out the two grizzly hackles on each side. Tie on estaz and wrap forward.

Add two black laced white hen saddle on each side.

Add the red tippet feathers on each side. Tie the body fur and wrap it forward, remembering to pull back the fibers on each wrap.

Trim the body fur to create a head, pay particular attention not to cut the gills. Whip finish and cement. Zap a gap 3D eyes.

I apologize for some of these lousy pics my camera's micro feature is not great.

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