Monday, July 12, 2010

Great Fly Fishing Magazine

The other day I was browsing in Barnes and Noble and found a great Fly Fishing magazine, FlyLife from Australia. It covers Australia and New Zealand. I used to think that the Japanese had the best Fly Fishing magazines but this one now ranks at the top. The magazine is well written, well formatted, and has awesome photography. Its printed on great glossy thick paperstock. I only wished that America could produce such a magazine, the only one that came close is the now gone Wild on the Fly. Now that was a great American magazine. I used to describe it to friends that had not seen it as the National Geographic of Fly Fishing Magazines. It was that good.

Why is it that all our fly fishing periodicals suck? They are all printed on cheesy paper, the layouts are all so boring, the photography is okay, articles are just rehash from other years. I guess that is what sells here. Its a shame.

Fly Life's website:

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