Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rascher Hunting Pants

I finally received a pair of Rascher hunting pants I ordered months ago. These are hunting pants are made from Rascher, a German hunting apparel company that specializes in traditional German hunting wear. With over a hundred years of experience, Rascher is designed by hunters. These pants are not only thornproof but wind and waterproof as well. Made with microvelour with a Cordura face, these pants are thick. Definitely designed for cold weather. My intention was to use these pants for big game hunting (although I don't do much of it), but these pants are also suitable for upland or duck hunting as well.

Like just about anything designed by Germans, these pants are well thought out with many features.

One of the main reasons I bought these pants was the integrated knife pocket. Traditional Bavarian hunting knives, like the Linder trachtenmesser seen above, do not have sheaths that attach to the belt. Knives are worn in the pant pockets. This is never done here in the States and no pants have a knife pocket so I would have to carry that knife in some sort of pack and not on my person directly. I did not want to do that so I started looking for German hunting pants.

These pants are made of microvelour and Cordura.

The pants are also loaded with pockets including a cargo pocket.

With a button closure, you can secure larger items in the cargo pocket.

The opening at the edge of the cargo pocket is where the integrated knife pocket is located.

Trachenmesser fits perfectly in the pocket.

The front, just like any pants, has traditional hand pockets but the right side also has an additional security pocket with zip safety. You can rest assured that cars keys, money clip, or whatever will not fall out while trekking through the brush.

Both rear pockets have zipper closures as well so you can secure your wallet or hunting license.

The waist allows for some elasticity as we all get fatter when we get older.

The Cordura is a thick material and good protection against all the nastiness one may encounter in the field. These pants are not early season pants at least not here in California. Being microvelour as well these pants are warm. My father's intention is to hunt British Columbia when he takes possession of his custom made Martini Hagn single shot later this summer. If I join him these pants will becoming with us.


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    1. Look at the response below. Apologize for the late reply I didn't notice this comment.

  2. Those are great pants, where did you find them

    1. The only place I know that carries Rascher in the US is Orvis otherwise you'll need to look at European outfitters.

    2. One more thing these run small, so order one size up.

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  4. I wear a 38/30 should I get a l or xl pantssize?

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