Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Custom Made Knife Sheaths For My Hubertus And Boker Knives

I just picked up a pair of custom made leather knife sheaths for my Hubertus Small Game Knife and my Boker Bird Knife. I'm alittle disappointed that the sheath for the Hubertus is so wide. I'd preferred to thinner more inconspicuous knife holder. When I bought the Hubertus earlier this year I looked all over the place for a sheath for it. Unfortunately I could not find one in leather. The current fashion is everything tactical and leather has lost favor. No stores carry it and if they do usually its made in China. No thank you. I really wish this whole tactical craze would just go away and bring back the good old world stuff back. So I looked for a leather maker to make me a custom one, I found one not to far from my house.

Here is a view of what the pouches look like with the flaps open with the knives inside. I chose to have tabs rather than buttons just because I prefer them.

Belt loops are 1.5 inches plenty for my Filson belt I wear while wingshooting.

Each sheath cost me $35. Although I'm not too crazy about Hubertus sheath for the cost I can't complain too much.

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