Sunday, April 27, 2014

Scouting For The End Of The Season

Word has it that this area was a great go-to spots for turkey so we decided to investigate.  We only had this morning to check it out so we woke up early and headed south.  When we arrived we overshot our destination, and after some backtracking we managed to find the trail.  It quickly lead us to a small meadow but not the meadow we were looking for.  After some serious bushwhacking we managed climb over a hill to give us a look of our destination.  Without any game trails in sight nor any easy way to the field we decided to forgo more bushwhacking and look for another meadow.  Other than some old scat we found no signs of turkey despite the overall birdiness of this place.  Though this may be due to the fact that the recent rains most likely washed away any sign.    Next weekend is my last shot to try and bag one of these birds this season, so we have some decisions to make on where we want to hunt.
The Beeman RX is running out of time for a her first Turkey.  After this year she will unlikely be used as nontox .20 cal is almost nonexistent.   Even if it did exist this gun is very pellet sensitive so there is little chance of it shooting it well.

One of many fresh deer tracks of the day.

Looks like a predator kill.  Most likely a turkey that met its fate.

More deer tracks.

A flower, the name escapes me now, with medicinal properties. *EDIT* The plant is Yarrow
A Red Tail giving us an aerial display. 
Lunch at Roberto's.  California Burrito...

and a cheese quesadilla.

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  1. Where is this area that you have been out with the airgun? Is this in San Diego county?