Thursday, April 10, 2014

Not Like It Used To Be

The Salamander Fly (now tied with braided chenille) got a lot of looks but just was only pushed off beds without any takes.
Yesterday we fished Mission Viejo.  Most bass at MVL are off their beds with only small fish remaining.  Water color is Hulk green and visibility is about ten feet.  After speaking with a few bass fishermen their experiences haven been like ours and can be explained with one word.  Lousy.  The dock attendants have let us know that mortality has been high for the big bass.  We only saw one big bass that was off her bed and was cruising.  The lake has changed that I have no interest in returning anytime this year.  I got a lot of looks and chases but no takes.  Chul managed a trout sized juvenile on my 3 weight.

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