Thursday, October 11, 2018

Rattletale Fly

Last season inspired by the success of an injured baitfish popper created by my friend John, I set out to create own.  While his fly used a traditional popper head reversed to impart a sliding action hidden with EP ultra brush.  Mine is much simpler and uses a folded foam head.  I've added a rattle within flexcord for added obnoxiousness.  The fly can be tied traditionally with the eyes at 3 and 9 o'clock or tied like this one, injured baitfish style,  with eyes at the 12 and 6.
I only was able to fish this fish once last year and it was toward the end of a bad season.  Managed only one rise that whole day but it was with this fly.  This season I wanted to see if this fly had any merit.  I can say I only stopped using this fly when I wanted to test another.  It works.  Tying instructions forthcoming.

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