Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Back In Taipei

October 21, 2018
When I arrived back in Taipei, it rained most of the time my first week back.  I had planned to fish on Sunday with Danny for mahseer.   I came back better prepared to fish this time.  I practiced my pick up casts as well as tightening up my loops for better line control.
When we arrived we wanted to start at a location I didn't get to fish last time but when we arrived the water was chocolate.  Odd since it hadn't rained for a few days.  It should have been cleared.  So we drove around checking other spots but they appeared even worse.  The water was also down from the last time.  So we decided to start where we started earlier this year when Danny took me out.
Again we were using black foam beetle style flies.  I was on early.  Not a large fish at all but a good sign and a good start.  This ended up being my only fish the outing though I missed several and lost another beast in the exact same spot I lost him earlier in the year with Danny witnessing both.  Go figure.  It was so tough today Danny only managed a few, the number I don't recall but it was a fraction of his usual amount.

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