Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Pennsylvania Fishing Recap Notes

Slate drake sporadic hatch through the day. If fishing a dry all day searching use a Slate Drake fly.
  • Caddis early in morning.  
  • Midge throughout the day.  
  • Cahill/ BWO evenings  
  • Hatch around 6-9pm

Set Indicator 1.5x the depth for nymphing.

Flies that worked:
Galloup midge size 18
Gurddle bug golden/brown size 6
Harrop's hairwing Cahill size 14
BWO emerger size 18
Slate drake meshwings size 8(?)
PT emerger size 14 (slate run)
Improved BWO comparadun size 18 with Krystal flash
Cahill emerger size 14 run

Mice at night (Matt got one at around 10)
Webb’s folded foam three rises
Hard foam popper chartreuse/black or yellow
Quarter upstream pop along the way no need to pause

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