Sunday, November 20, 2016

Fall Bass Fishing At Canyon Lake Using Sinking Lines Deep

I received a rather late text on Saturday from my buddy Luc asking me if I wanted to fish Sunday.  Popper fishing is over and the morning would be fishing full sinking lines deep in up to 35 feet of water.  I missed my opportunity this summer to fish the topwater as the day Luc called me I already had a trout trip planned.
I finally got the call back.  Unlike summer fishing, we could fish later in the morning and I did not need to be at Luc's until 6am.  Fishing was fair and we both managed a handful of bass.  We missed a fair amount and had several pop the hook out.  This was due to the fact that with a fast full sinking line and several tens of feet of line out in the water, keeping the line taut is not easy.  Luc did manage a 4.5 pound catfish towards the end of the morning before we called it quits around 10am.  All in all not fantastic day but not a terrible day either.

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