Saturday, December 10, 2016

Consolation Prize

Took the old man down south in the hopes finding some roosters.   While we found none I did meet a new hunting buddy while checking out a field.  We ended up hunting together for the morning and managed to flush one hen pheasant.  It was a pleasure hunting with him and he's an excellent source of local information.  He's been hunting these fields for over thirty years so I'm glad I ran into him. 

The field we hunted was a half plowed barley or rye (I'm guessing).  It was pretty thick and tall.  Good cover for these birds.  Unfortunately no roosters were present at this time.  Afterwards Chuck, our new hunting companion, called it quits.  So we tried a couple alfalfa fields but with no success.  Kaiser did get birdy and managed a point but no bird was kicked up.  Might have refused to be steady and ran on him or could have been old scent.  We'll never know.

After giving up on roosters we turned our attention to doves.  In the process we managed to flush a covey of gambels while driving around.  We were unable to pursue them though as they flushed into thick cover.  Although the abundance of track was a good sign for the season and I may have to concentrate on quail for the rest of this year.  We did manage to find a decent number of doves and took home four before calling it a trip.

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