Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Shiny Guy Fly

I came up with this name in honor of my old man.  Back in the eighties while I was growing up, my father in his broken immigrant English would call any flashy show off douche bag, a "shiny guy."  He rarely uses this phrase anymore.  Typically he just calls them "shitheads" now which is very American of him.

This is the fly that has been my go to fly at Barrett this year and caught most of our fish this season. The fly is quick and simple to tie with only a handful of material.

Hook:  Gamakatsu B10S (TMC 8089 or similar)
Body:  Baitfish Emulator Flash, Grey Ghost.  Topped with Angel hair (dark colored-olive, baitfish or similar)
Eyes:  3D stickers
Head: Epoxy or UV resin
Black Marker Pen
 This is relatively new on the market and I love it.
 If you plan to fish this fly at Barrett, I'd recommend dremeling the barb.  B10S barb's don't pinch down well and you'll likely only break it off, creating a burr which is technically still a barb.  Tie the emulator on the hook.
 Wrap forward around the hook.
Add a a few strands of angel hair to the top extending the material past the emulator.  Whip finish and ass the eyes.  Epoxy the eyes.
Trim the body to the desired shape.  You can add a mark with marker just behind the eye if you like.  A simple and easy fly that is highly effective.  If you lose these in the weeds its no big deal.  Though I've yet to try it, it should be effective in the salt as well.

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