Sunday, April 21, 2024

Popper Season Has Commenced Not the Greatest Start

 April 18, 2024

Morning water has reached beyond the desired temp of 66°F for the topwater bite to start.  Luc and John had fished the day before and it was tough.  I was hoping we'd do better.  Unfortunately it was not.  Plan was to start with poppers and when we could no longer find any shadows we'd fish subsurface.  Got to Luc's house early and while at the light to turn into his community I took out my wallet to ready myself to show my ID at the gate.  I also put my sunglasses into my camera ditty bag so I wouldn't forget them.  Waited a while and when the light turned I made my left. Approaching the gate I reached down to my lap to grab my wallet but it was gone.  I stopped ahead of the gate and looked all over but couldn't find it.  I went through the ditty bag in case I put it in there.  The guard waved me over drove over and got out to look for my wallet.  It had slid off my leg in between the seat and center console.
Got to Luc's house and unpacked.  Little did I know when going through the camera bag I left the sunglasses out on the seat.  Fishing was tough.  Started with a freaky frog.  Changed out many times.  More times than I've ever.  No luck.  Luc eventually changed to a chartreuse foam slider ad that seemed to be the ticket for him managing three hard earned bass on it throughout the morning.  I only managed to get one to hit and I missed it.  Although I did have fish blowup on near my fly twice.  Initially I thought they were attacking my fly but no they were simply going after something adjacent to my bug.  We switched to sinking lines and deep water on the way back but we couldn't get any action with that setup.  Most interesting thing of the day was seeing swallows and their nesting site on the eves of the apartment complex.  Hoping our next outing will be better.

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