Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Epic Day Out

March 28. 2024

With packed schedule for the week I ask Luc if he is fishing in Tuesday, the only day I have all day free, but he tells me he's busy until Thursday.  I let him know I can make it work but I have to be home by 2pm.  Not usually a problem as we normally quit before noon which will give me more than enough time to get back.  Luc informs me Monday was great and we are going to return to that spot.
As I did with the last outing I started with the Sweet Home Alabama rig.  Once we reach Luc's intended location he's on within a few casts.  I get a fierce strike early but I miss it.  Luc would get two more bass all nearing or exceeding the five pound range.  It was then I decided to quit the testing the A-rig and simply fish the Diamond Hair streamer alone.  Not long after the fly change I was on on a largmeouth exceeding four pounds. 
We stayed on this spot for a while getting more and more fish.  Once the larger models stopped eating and the 2 pound and under class started to appear we were jaded and quickly released those in search of the fatter versions.  We stayed here a while until it dried up and we moved up looking for more active feeders.
We'd get some here and there mostly small fish.  I had to stop fishing for a while as the line at my feet tangled so badly I spent at least thirty minutes trying to unfuck the while thing.  Eventually it took both of us to figure out how to undue the mess. 
Finally with my line free we fished closer to the ramp for our last location of the day.  Luc managed another here and by then it was time to call it quits.  At the end of the had a double digit fish count with an average fish weighing four plus pounds with a six, a five and several four pounders in the mix. 

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