Thursday, April 11, 2024

Another Slog at Canyon

 April 8, 2024

Another day on the water with my good friend Luc.  Most likely this will be the last time I fish for this month.  Early in the day we had motor issues.  We were slowly cruising when the motor sputtered and had a slight grinding sound.  The moment it happened we both noticed it and simultaneously turned out heads to look at what just happened.  Lake is still beyond capacity which means we can not exercise the motor beyond 5mph.  Luc set down the trolling motor and put he engine in neutral to run it at a higher rpms which was suggested by his mechanic the last time.  The boat will be serviced the next week while Luc has a procedure done.

A couple outings ago we had an epic day we looked to replicate the day so we started at the same location we did that day.  It wasn't long and I was on a fish.  Again I began the day with a blugill colored Diamond Hair streamer.   Despite being a rather small fish it was a good start to the day.  Luc fishing a chartreuse EP Peanut Butter followed suit with his own small fish no long after.  We reached the hole that produced for us so nicely the last time but it failed to give us any this time.  The fish had moved on.    

Drifting along we reached the end of the section I managed to hook onto another fish that was running towards me.  Stripping as fast as I could I simply couldn't keep the line taut enough to keep him oneFor the rest of the day it was a slog.  It wasn't helped by the fact I have been postponing swapping out my sinking line.  I've been trying to squeeze the last bit of juice out of it and as a result I was frustrated all day with the line tangling and becoming gummy to the touch.  Cracks have not appeared so its time to change. Luc would get a few more and miss or lose some.  I would miss a few more.  Overall a slow day.  On the boat ride back to the ramp Luc said jokingly catching a fish that early was a bad sign.  Of course had it been an epic day he would have said the reverse.  One reason I wanted to head out was to test out my new filters in my TG7.  I bought an adapter ring and two filters.  A polarized one for obvious fishing reasons and a UV filter mainly as a cheap protection from lens scratches.  I didn't get to test the new setup much as I forgot to take many pics.  The fish were simply too unremarkable for me to remember to grab the camera.    I'll have to wait till next moth to really put the new camera set up through it's paces. 

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