Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Last Chance of the Popper Season

September 22, 2019
Another day at Canyon Lake.  This time will most likely be the last day for popper fishing this season as look is booked for the next few weekends and when he returns it will most likely be too cold for topwater.  Slow day even though Luc had a few rises early.  All resulted in misses unfortunately.  I tried several new flies, mostly of the mice variety but had no luck.  Eventually after changing flies several times I went for an old faithful, my rattletail, that has proven itself the past few seasons.  Not long after I had one on.  Missed another later in the day.  Luc went one for six.

The Yellowstone Road Trip Report is still in the works and posts will be out once I have time to compose it and go through the hundreds of photos.

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