Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Another Local

April 21, 2019
Took to the water again for Easter Sunday this time with my buddy KB who picked me up at 7am.  bought our breakfast and trail lunch at the local Japanese bakery and we were off.  At the trailhead cloud cover in the mountains made it cold enough that I was glad I brought my Montbell UL jacket.   Now rigged up we headed up the trail to reach the middle section of the river.  Water was a tad fast but clear.  All the large fishable pools refused to give up a fish.  After a couple hours of nothing we decided to skip most of this section get back on the trail and head up to the waterfall.  Once there the river started to give some fish.  I lost, missed or blew well over half a dozen chances.  I did manage a couple to hand though.  KB managed the best fish of the day for sure.  Nice to see that some of the respectable models still exist here.

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