Sunday, February 26, 2017

Words Out

The word is out and it's combat fishing time.  It was bound to happen.  These conditions are not fun and we cut our trip short and did not stay for day two.  The morning did not start out well when I realized my Sigg water bottle fell off my belt.  Luckily I had my spare in the backpack.  I was ablt to hook up early on our first hole but came unglued after I lost the angle.  We trekked past several groups until we reached one of our favorite spots.  I was able to hook up a nice snowbow that leaped three times but what seemed to epitomized our day it jumped directly into a clump of weeds while I was clearing my line out of my snowshoes.  I couldn't clear the tippet before the fish popped off.  After re-rigging and a few more casts I got another to take but once I set the hook she too came loose.  Most of the day was warm.  Warm enough for us to start shedding layers until the winds howled by 2pm and shut the place down. So we quit and headed back to the Rover to head back to town for a meal.  The day was spent fighting the crowds, iced guides, and frigid wind.  Not really fun.  Rather stressful in fact. I don't plan on returning unless it's a weekday.
The day could have been worse.  We could have been these guys.
Meal time at Burger Barn.

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