Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Watchbuys Roadshow Irvine July 29, 2016

My laptop crapped out on me a couple weeks ago, so I am catching up on posts.  Watchbuys finally hosted their first OC roadshow in Irvine last month on the 29th-31st.  I think most OC folks (and some San Diego folks) are quite relieved that they no longer need to drive to Century City or Pasadena to interact with the watches and guys at Watchbuys.  Since one of my old business partners has decided to get into watches I invited him along as my guest.  For whatever reason, maybe it was because my buddy with me, I didn't take as many pictures.  Nonetheless here are a few interesting pieces I've not seen in person before.

Some small independent watchmakers:
Hanhart, one of my main focuses on this visit.  Sadly I was slightly disappointed.
Junghans.  I've been wanting to take a look at these watches as they tend to be very thin:

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