Sunday, October 25, 2015

Some More Time In The Backcountry

The heatwave has dissipated somewhat and it's finally starting to feel like fall.  With that in mind we set out with our backpacks to try out luck at some wild trout.  With headlamps we hiked through the night and made our way into the backcountry.   
Awakening to a cold morning just above freezing, we sluggishly made breakfast and set up for the day's fishing.  Already set up with dry-dropper rig, I was too lazy and my fingers too cold to re-rig with a more appropriate nymphing set up.  That did not stop Chul though as he re-rigged with a Czech nymph.  I waited until well past 10am before I started to really fish hard when the sun finally hit he water activating the sluggish fish.
We both managed several fish all on dry flies until the wind picked up and put down the fish.  Fishing was slow but we manged a fish here and there.  Apparently from our conversations with several other fishermen, we didn't do half bad as they all struggled to get fish to bite.  Seemed like all of them were nymphing and couldn't get many if any to take.  So we decided to forgo the last day and pack out Saturday.

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