Thursday, June 25, 2015

Not Exactly The Yellow I Was Looking For

Tuesday I finally made it on board my buddy's boat.  We were chasing the yellowtail that are now up and down our coast.  Unfortunately the trip was a bust.  I didn't even take my fly rod out of its holder.  All we got were a few mackerel on the sabiki rig we were to use as chum.  Called it quits after a few hours when I started turning green.  So much for Dramamine.  It used to work for me.  Now I need to find an alternative.
This morning I had a desire to feel the tug so I hit the local brown water.  I debated whether to target bass or carp.  The morning was still overcast, ideal for some topwater bassing, but since the rod was already rigged for carp that was what I'd go after.  Once I hit the water I saw carp clopping.  I've only seen this once before and that time I had no dry flies in my box.  I changed out fly for an emerger dry.  I made several cast but none rose for my fly.  Eventually the cdc got wet and sunk my fly.  I continued to strip the fly as I saw a carp feeding beneath.  It took and spooked all the cloppers out of there.  So much for my chance at getting my first clopping carp.  The carp I hooked was in the five pound range.  I managed another similar in size later on a nymph.  I moved to another area, bushwacking through the reeds only to emerge out of there with a cramping right butt cheek.  I tired to stretch it out and then decided I had a enough for the day.

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