Sunday, June 7, 2015

Disappointing For Sure

Bow and Arrow Cast Required
Wanting to fish for trout, Chul and I hit up a local small creek that I knew would hold fish even with this drought.  I've fished this stretch of water many times in our last drought cycle and back then the fishing was good.  So much so for a long time this was my favorite local stream.  But it's been over a decade since the last time I fished here.  The water is canopied with trees so the water generally is flowing enough to sustain trout even with the lack of rainfall.  This stream always has been some of the most challenging water in our locals.  Casting lanes are few and far between and requires a fair number of rolls casts or bow and arrow casts.  Flies were lost but none on trout.  Fish are spooky, more so than I ever remembered.  Tough day all around as fish were not too readily willing to take and those that did came off as quickly as they came on.  Movement in and off the water is slow and time consuming.  Disappointing all around to say the least.

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