Monday, June 15, 2015

Long Time No See

Last night I headed out to the local brown water to try out my articulated mouse.  The outing was a waste of time as I was using the wrong rod (Sage DS2 8wt), one with not enough back bone, and a flyline that was at minimum in dire need of a cleaning if not replaced.  Not to mention the fact that I haven't seen this water in ages I had no clue where the possible bass holes were now located.  I came home empty handed but did managed to spook several large fish splashing in the darkness.
This morning I decided to return and try my luck at carp since I haven't really targeted them in a few years.  Without any polarized glasses and with the June gloom overcast day made it nearly impossible to see these fish.  I considered at one point of going after bass but decided against it and stayed with plan to stalk carp.  After searching and searching I finally saw a blob, a possible carp, in the water.  I concentrated hard on the object trying to figure out which side was the head and which was the tail.  Once I determined the carp's direction I made my first cast of the day and managed to hook him up.  Lazily it gave a half-hearted fight, using it's weight only to avoid being dragging in.  Eventually I landed him and released him.  I searched for more carp but none were easily sighted without polars so I gave up and headed back to the car.  On the way I ran into a coyote chasing a squirrel that he ended up devouring.

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