Thursday, November 28, 2013


Kaiser In His Red Ambulance.
My drahthaar must have some mutant healing strain like X-man's Wolverine.  Sunday night he spent the night limping, whimpering and then screaming before I took him to the 24 hour pet hospital.  After x-rays and an examination the vet could not determine exactly what was wrong with him.  All we knew was it was something with the front left shoulder but there seemed like nothing was broken or dislocated.  It must have been a strain or muscle pull.  Armed with anti-inflammatory and pain medications, I went home listening to my buddy cry all night. 

As Kaiser was now somewhat immobile, I asked my neighbor if I could borrow their kid's Radio Flyer wagon so I didn't have to carry Kaiser all the way, every time he need to go to defecate.  It saved my back.  By Wednesday Kaiser wasn't whimpering anymore and only had a slight limp, he was even trotting in his confident gait.  He even wanted to run though I prevented that.  Today he is running despite me trying to stop him.  He is back to his happy shithead self.

What the hell?  The doctor thought he'd be out of commission for at least a month.  I guess not.  I'll see if I can see my regular doc tomorrow to check him out and see if he is cleared to go back afield sooner than expected.  If that is the case my season my have just been resurrected.   I don't plan on hunting quail anymore as the terrain is grueling on the dog and since its a bad quail year anyhow I'm not losing much.  Ducks, it is and if he gets clear before the pheasant season ends hopefully I can get him on his ring neck retrieve.

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