Monday, May 6, 2024

Disappointing Return

 May 3, 2024

Luc has been recovering from a procedure and he is finally ready to go out.  He fished the day prior by himself and did rather well for a short session.  We both were excited to get back out especially since it was going to be cloudy all morning.  Weather was cold and misty when we launched to the boat.  Having started right away the last outing Luc debated whether to start as we did last time or venture a bit further up where we stopped the last time before heading back.  Wanting to check out the rest of the lake he opted for the latter.  Fishing was slooooow.  There were several misses from the both of us until I finally managed one when I switched to a white gurgler.  I'd miss or lose several more throughout the day.  Luc had hooked a fish at least five pounds when it suddenly came loose.  He would hook another seemingly heavy bass that refused to come up.  Initially he thought it was a catfish since it refused to surface but when it did he noticed it was foul hooked.  The day was a disappointment for sure given the entire morning was overcast.  We thought, wrongly, that is was going to be a stellar one.  What a shame. 

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