Monday, March 25, 2024

Motor's Fine

 March 11, 2023

With the lake beyond capacity and 5 mph restrictions in place, Luc hasn't run the motor in months.  It's been acting strange.  Smokes more than usual while idling.  After discussing with his boat guy, he suggested changing the spark plugs and running the boat at higher rpms.  So in the morning we took the boat to where we could run the boat at full throttle.  We fished a couple hours with not even as much as a bite.  After running the boat a few laps with no issues we headed home to fish more productive waters.
By now it was around 10am by the time we relaunched and all the fishing spots were likely already hit hard.  So we didn't have much expectations.  On the last outing I forgot to test John Rohmer's Diamond Hair Streamer.  I tied several at the end of last season but never had a chance to fish.  Developed for fishing in Baja, the pattern, I thought, would make an excellent shad imitation for bass fishing.  When we reach a dock near a submerged tree Luc remarked how this spot is a great crappie spot during the spawn.  Once we passed the location it wouldn't be long before I was on a fish.  Given its lazy fight Luc thought it was a crappie.  I had told him I hadn't caught one in a decade or so.  When it surfaced it was a decent bass.  It would take more than another hour or so to see my next fish.  Another lazy bass, smaller this time.  We fished to just past noon and finished when Luc finally got his bass of the day.

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