Saturday, December 31, 2022

Risen from the Dead

 November 18

Over ten years ago one of our favorite little creeks suffered greatly from the drought and we thought it all but dead.  We gave up on it and hadn't been back since.  During the spring my fishing partner was working in the area and noticed fish in the water.  He came back to fish it and sure enough he caught a few very respectable fish.  I was unable to to go with him and was finally able to head out with him.  We managed more than a few fish to hand with some lost or missed.  We spoke with a hiker who came up to us and asked us how we were doing.  Our programmed response is always say there's no fish (almost always this is a complete lie).  The hiker was shocked but after speaking with him, he told us that he bucketed a few fish from below up to this creek and that is why there is a return of fish.  After speaking with him we realized this guy wasn't some clown but a real angler and we finally admitted we got some.  All in all it was a good day.  Other than my buddy finding out a week later that he fractured a rib climbing up a fallen log.

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