Sunday, March 3, 2019

Last Fish of 2018

December 31, 2018
Before the fishing license expired for 2018, I tried once again to land my last fish of the season.  My last two outings resulted in the skunk.  Today was no different from the last outings, tough fishing all around on this day even for Luc.  I tried just about everything in the box.  Fish were deep and lethargic.  After hours of endless casting a fast full sinking line with every sort of submerged fly, I decided to try a different tactic.  I figured I need to keep the fly in the face of the fish long enough to agitate a strike.  So I tied a floating fly, a Iwai Minnow, hoping that the slow elevating action after it's been stripped would entice them enough.  I figured giving them a different look might help.  It was not long and I got my first bite of the day.  Missed another and then we called it a day.  Luc switched to a popper once he saw I got my first fish but wasn't as fortunate as I.  He ended the year with the skunk.  That tells you how hard it was this day.

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