Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Day 2 Slump Busting

Over half the year has past and my fishing buddy had yet to catch a fish and not from a lack of trying.  This trip was intended to be a confidence boaster and a slump buster.  And it sure was with fish readily willing to take a dry.  I can't speak for him but I easily had 100 fish to hand.   Fish ranged from local mountain sized dinks to fish in the 12 inch range.  My Sage SLT one weight was the perfect rod for this trip and made each fish quite sporting.  Saturday was the water quite busy, more so than either of us had experienced on this water.  Also it was a lot hotter than expected which caused us to stop fishing and take a midday siesta until just before five.  By then all the fishermen had quit and returned for supper.  This gave us the run of the river.  I looked for my "glory hole" from the day before in the hopes that that foot long golden had returned.  My initial hike to it, I overshot and missed it.  When I realized I'd passed it, I decided to backtrack but not before casting into a run with some rising fish.  Here I managed my best brown of the trip around a 12 inches.  After a few here I headed downstream to find my trophy.  I found it and made my cast into it and had a solid 10 inch golden take.  While nice, it was not the fish I wanted.  No other would take after that ruckus.  So we moved upstream heading to an area of slower water where huge fish could be seen in the submerged grass.  It was all but impossible to make any good drift to these fish and so we continued.  At the beaver dam I stopped to cast to rising fish.  From here we had no shortage of willing fish and we only added to our fish count.  Exhausted we headed back before dark to prepare dinner.

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