Sunday, January 24, 2016

Still Looking For Those Monster Snowbows

After last Sunday's outing and with monster snowbows were still on our minds we headed out Friday for another shot at this migratory beasts.   Friday's fishing was tough.  I manged to get two to bite but just could not get them to stick.  I saw the first one perhaps in the 20 inch range come out of a shallow undercut and take my nymph but he spit the fly out just after I tried to set the hook.  Though I did not see her, the other slammed my streamer hard in a deep undercut.  While trying to set the hook I yanked the fly right out of her mouth.
Saturday we fished in near blizzard conditions.   Snow dumped on us off and on in the morning.  By the afternoon the storm passed.  With it our hopes of activating the fish.  I could only manage a 10-12 incher for my all my efforts and lost another of similar size. Well it's better than the skunk, it's still disappointing.  Time is running out for these winter beasts before they head back to the lake.
I'll try again.  Hopefully I'll get my beast before time runs out.

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