Sunday, March 8, 2015


March 5-7, 2015
Spent three days fly fishing the Trinity looking for steelhead. Conditions were less than ideal with hot sunny afternoons, a full moon at night, and being late in the season. We only managed a few dink sized not-quite-steelhead rainbow trout during a March Brown hatch. To add insult to injury mine were all hatchery fish. All the slabs eluded us despite throwing every fly in our boxes. I missed over a dozen takes and lost three that came unglued. What a bummer. Froze our asses at night, sweated balls during the day. I slipped in the river filling my waders with water in the morning when it was 30 degrees. Yeah it was good times. Also came home with a busted shoulder. Trip was a bust.  As a tease on the last day at the last hole a half pounder danced in the air laughing at us as we stared.  With along drive ahead of us we decided it won't be worth fishing only a couple of hours on Sunday.  So we packed up and made a suicide midnight run home driving through the night only to arrive home at 6am.


  1. I love the Trinity. The late season can be very challenging and recent rain is almost a requirement. Hope you enjoyed it even though it was a "bust." It is beautiful. Stop at Louis Cairo's in Williams next time you head up there or head home. Well worth the stop (don't know why I forgot to mention that before the trip).

  2. I'll be back for sure. I have some unfinished business with them steelhead. With no mist, cold weather and each day sunny and hot I felt somewhat ripped off from the steelheading experience. I'll have to remember Louis Cairo's the next time. Thanks for the heads up.