Wednesday, October 23, 2013

If I Had This In College, My College Life Would Have Been A Lot Different

How is it that there was no such program when I was in University?  I went to another UC school and I'm shocked that any UC school would allow a hunter's camp.  Kudos to California Waterfowl and UC Davis for making this available to students.  Programs like this should be available to all students from grade school to University. 


  1. I never hunted ducks in California and wish that UCSB had something like that. There was such a great variety of birds that I had never saw in Texas (cinnamon teal, brant and the great numbers of pintail). Y'all have a great flyway.

    1. The lagoon right on campus would have been a nice place to put a blind. The PETA libs would have crapped themselves...