Saturday, February 3, 2024

Revisiting an Old Spot

 January 28, 2024

For the past several months I've been trying to fish with a friend but we couldn't find the time to get together.  I get a text saying he is free so set a time to fish.  After some careful deliberation I decided to check out a creek most likely to be free from weekend crowds.  It's been over a year since and at that time it was only fishing adequately I wanted to see how it fared after last year's big winter.
On the drive up it was howling so it was a bit of a concern since we'd be fishing some ultralight rods (000 wt for Justin and a 2wt for myself) but once we arrived at our destination the mountains were blocking the majority of the wind.  Initially I planned to fish the main stem of the river I've never seen but it was almost nonexistent so we moved it the fork I usually fish.  From the the outset it was good, we were both on fish with a few casts. 
Fishing would be good the rest of the day.  I'd say we'd have at least 100 takes each by days end.  Justin had stop counting landed fish at over 20 by lunchtime.  Of all those takes I would guess we landed 40% of those.  Best fish of mine was about 11 inches with the average fish 6-8 inches.  We turned back when we reached an area simply too dense to move freely.  On the way out we cherry picked the few good holes that produced earlier in the day.  Once out of the canyon we fished the parking lot area for more fish.  By 5pm we were out of there. 

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