Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Monsoonal Rain

August 10, 2023

Arrived at Luc's at 5am and waited in the truck for the 5:15am start time.  It was raining on the drive there and I didn't look at the forecast so I didn't bring any rain gear with me.  By the time we were on the water there was already an angler launched.  Luc knew who it was, a very good angler who likes to jig fish deep water, so we were no threat to each other as we are always fishing shallow on topwater. Starting from the west side Luc had several blowups but we moved east when we noticed that the angler was also on our side.  From there rain picked up more but we'd get more bites.  I managed one after crossing the lake.
I was using a silver mylar popper size 2.  The fly would continue to produce reactions throughout the morning but I wouldn't be able to connect on any until the end of the day when I lost the fly on a fish.
Wind was starting to become a problem on the east bank but we'd continue to fish there until it became too much of a problem and we moved to the west bank.  There Luc would land a 4lber, while Luc had seen bigger, this was the biggest I'd seen since spring.  Eventually we'd run into the angler and he showed us his 7lb 9oz bass he caught in 4 feet of water.  Impressive for sure.  He kept in the livewell just so he could show it to Luc the released it back.  Once the sun began to break through the haze we jumped back to the other side chasing shadows hunting the last remaining fish from the shadows willing to take a popper.  While we both love the topwater bite I did go subsurface briefly only to test the Dagur's Sweet Alabama Rig fly I had tied a few days earlier.  I didn't get any reaction from it and switched to a popper after realizing I'd rather fish on top.  I must have had at least a dozen blowups this day.  Luc many more than that but the number I don't recall.

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