Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Small Fry

The Small Fry Fly
Could be the smallest bass ever caught on a 7 weight.

After lunch at the Habit I headed south to meet Chul at MVL.  Now that we have a fish finder I was hoping to find and get on some of the pigs that are roaming those waters or at least get on some of the big bluegills.  Last month I can up the idea of fishing tiny fry patterns as bass and bluegill have recently spawned.  I figured since MVL has no shad or any type of baitfish, these fish must be feeding on fry and smaller fish to maintain their diet when trout is no longer stocked.  Off the bat Chul managed a trout sized bass within the first few casts.  A good sign I thought but I was later proved wrong.  Today was a joke.  Chul managed only that fish and missed a half a dozen more.  I started to get bite when I tied my Small Fry as a trailer to my Fugly S.O.B.  I didn't keep count but I must have had a dozen dinks none bigger than 3/4 pounds on the trailer and one on the Fugly.  What a joke.   I guess we can look on the bright side at least we didn't have to carry the pram in 100 degrees, more than 500 yards in soft sand.  Still it sucked. 
Water was 77 degrees slightly off colored with a minor breeze.  Most fish were metered at about 10 feet to 30 feet.  After finding pigs at 30 feet I'm starting to think its time to invest in a fast full sink line just for lakes like this. 

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