Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Boot Tip- Lacing Up

Lacing from the top down.
Lacing traditionally from the bottom up.
It seems like a silly thing to write about, lacing up your boots.  But when I bought my Meindl boots  at AJ Brooks in Vancouver years ago, the owner gave me a valuable tip.  Like most people, I used to lace my boots, placing the lace into the boot eyelet from underneath.  The gentleman at the store told me, rather than doing it that way, I should wrap the lace from the top down.  That way the lace is less likely to slip and you'll get a firmer warp around the ankle.  I also rarely have to adjust my boots when I'm afield when lacing this way and tying with a double overhand knot to secure it.  I have tested it in the past years and he is right and I even do it to my wading boots as well.  (Actually I did before I went to the BOA system).  I have never met anyone who has ever laced their boot the same way, nor have I ever seen it worn that way in the field.  So I figured to write about it here.  Try it.
7/7/14 Video now added to clarify


  1. Took me quite a while to figure out what you meant by "top down" but got it now - and will definitely try it.

  2. I have a somewhat different system - I use the 'top down' lacing only on the top (last pair) of eyelets.